Introducing… Dieta. World Leaders in kettle intelligence & automated kettles.

We are proud to announce another exclusive UK import partnership!

Dietatec have over 25 years of experience in the development of extraordinary high-quality kettles. They are passionate about creating and providing the best solution to consistently produce the finest meals, in the most efficient way. Making every day for kitchen staff easier and safer. The best results come from a combination of top-quality ingredients, skilled kitchen staff, plus versatile and cutting-edge equipment.

“With our Dieta mixer kettle, we enable food production to operate responsibly and efficiently, without compromising on food quality. By doing so, we support the existence of a welfare society and ensure its realization as well in the future.”

Ville-Veikko Litmanen, Managing Director, Dietatec Oy

The mixer kettles offer a wide range of functions that simplify processes and reduce manual labour in the kitchen. All kinds of food, hot and cold, can be mixed efficiently and effortlessly with the integrated mixer. Thanks to their versatility, mixer kettles work perfectly in both fine dining and mass catering kitchens.

We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a light on the Dieta Genier Ace 100 FS – 100 litre Electric indirect heat tilting kettle with stirrer and wash system with touchscreen programable controls

Automated cooking programs

Automated and scalable cooking programs in Genier ACE takes care of standardization and improves profitability.

10-inch touchscreen with icons

The basic display of Dieta kettles has been designed for people. The large icons and bright colors are easy to check up with a single glance.

Circulated ice water chilling

Unique chilled center axis adds 10% more chilling surface. In addition to high performance, the chilling is ridiculously straightforward as part of a program.

Scalable cooking programs

Adjustable cooking programs work with different production volumes and can be transferred between kettles.

Real-time HACCP reports

Critical information on cooking programs can be checked from the kettle screen, even in the middle of the cooking process.

Scale function

The unique integrated scale function facilitates and speeds up the cooking process.

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