Modularity, flexibility & economical efficiency!

Compact dimensions, maximum functionality, a multiplicity of use and many practical details make the new thermal PALUX BistroLine the ideal solution for all operations, where maximum performance is required in a confined space: in bistros, small to medium sized restaurants, in tourist catering and as optional equipment in any other establishment.

  • Comprehensive range of appliances in any combination for all methods of cooking – from grilling, roasting, boiling, cooking, frying to keeping warm,
  • flexibility thanks to modular design and compact dimensions in grid widths of 400 and 600 mm,
  • maximum efficiency thanks to powerful, energy-saving appliances, which are also multifunctional,
  • smooth surfaces, seamless tops of pans and bowls – easy to clean,
  • maximum convenience of use thanks to simple operation and control of the appliance functions,
  • high quality, stainless steel finished, robust and extremely durable,
  • maximum efficiency as a result of minimum heat emission, energy saving technology, operating convenience and optimum user benefits.