Euro Catering are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive UK importer of… QualityFry! The Ventless Deep Fryer without smoke or odour

The 1st of many QualityFry to arrive at Euro Catering HQ

A closed machine that fries vertically…

QualityFry fryers have a sealed case that fry vertically. The product is loaded through the top, and exits once perfectly cooked through the dispenser at the base, without the need to open the fryer at any point to remove your product. Guaranteeing no emission of smoke or odours!
In addition, the case protects the oil from light and dramatically reduces its contact with oxygen, increasing the lifespan of the oil. It automatically controls the process and continuously removes excess oil from the product.

Drying process that evaporates the oil…

A frying and drying process that removes water and evaporates oil to leave a golden and crispy product. Creating fast, tasty and healthier fried foods with 37% less retained oil compared to an open basket fryer.

We at Euro Catering Equipment have been importing the best in innovative catering & food service equipment from around the world since 1996. Our latest exclusive partnership is sure to take the UK market by storm!

The QualityFry IQ630 Ventless fryer is ideal for Kiosks, Pubs, Snack bars where a fried menu is desired but no external extraction is available. These machines are unique in that they have 4 loading hoppers that automatically rotate and puts product into the frying zone depending on frying times set. There are also 2 frying zones, for example the hopper could be loaded with Chicken nuggets and fries and it will rotate when the pre-set times are reached.


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