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CB Chef Infra-Red Hi speed Rotisseries/Multi cookers - Programmable controls

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Infra-Red Planetary Rotisseries

This CB range of electric rotisseries use the latest infra-red cooking technology, which directs a more intense heat into the product. This heating technology greatly reduces cooking times, increases output, crispens the products without burning and prevents moisture loss thereby enhancing the flavour. The infra-red heating element is also easier to clean than on standard machines helping to reduce staff costs.

The "Planet" models have manual controls - with temperature selection and timer. The vertical opening door reduces the footprint required to operate the machine. The "chef rotisseries" are fitted with programmable timed controls for each individual spit, allowing you to cook different products at the same time - simply load and unload as indicated by the controls.

6 products found
6 products found