Thank you to our General/Office Manager Becky for 10 years at Euro Catering

June 17th 2023 the 10 Year Anniversary of our incredible General/Office Manager, Becky Maxted-Cheadle!
Directors Melanie Charlton & Tim Charlton presented Becky with a gift of an overnight stay at THORPE PARK Resort for the Fright Nights Halloween Special (On Friday 13th!😨) to show their appreciation.
Although to some that might sound like a punishment… they knew she’d love it!

Mel gave a speech to thank Becky and affectionately noted – “When she joined us 10 years ago, Franco Sparano who worked for us as Technical Sales manager said ‘she won’t stay’… but now we can’t get rid of her!

The company wouldn’t be where it is today without her hardwork and loyalty – she knows everybody’s job and treats the business like its is her own.”

Becky is loved by the whole Euro Catering team. Her knowledge of the business and industry, willingness to help, and caring nature is only matched by her quick wit, hilarious random outbursts and ability to find a movie quote to fit most situations.

Please join in celebrating this wonderful woman, and her momentous milestone!
Thank you Becky!