Euro Catering Launches American Range to Make Independents’ Day

Innovative catering equipment supplier, Euro Catering, has launched the US-manufactured ‘American Range’ into the UK market, having made introductions to the high-performing, heavy-duty equipment at the Commercial Kitchen Show.


American Range specialises in heavy-duty, horizontal gas appliances that typically tick the box of the casual dining and independent caterer, given their price-point and durability.  The range is renowned for its ‘workhorse’ label for a reason and is a leader in commercial food service in the United States.


Distributors wishing to work with Euro Catering now have access to American Range fryers, ranges, gas boiling tops, gas griddle with grill, stock pot and steak house grill – equipment demonstrating how American Range fulfils what it says is a “passion for perfection”.

The high-output stainless steel gas fryers in this range are ideal for fast-food operations and other caterers wanting to access the quick recovery times that come from the stainless steel tanked fryers’ cast-iron tube burners and deflector.  This ensures a more efficient heat transfer into the oil, by absorbing and diffusing heat to the tube walls and provides the end-user with the highest BTUs of any fryer.


A single-tank AF 35/50, 22-litre capacity, three-burner fryer delivers 120,000 BTUs, whilst a four-burner, 32 litre single-tank fryer (AF75) offer 160,000 BTUs.


When it comes to twin tanks, there is a traditional style two x 10-litre tank model with four burners (160,000 BTUs), but also a unique arrangement for a second twin-tank fryer – the 5025.  This is a 10-litre tank, plus 22-litre tank, that is ideal for eateries wishing to create menu items such as triple-cooked fries, or wanting to segregate the frying of food for vegetarians, from that of other diners. The smaller tank provides 80,000 BTUs and the larger, 120,000 BTUs.


Oil life in all fryers is extended through the incorporation of a large sloped cool zone, which prevents trapped food particles from carbonising and which also makes emptying easier.  A large drain-off valve also helps prevent blockages and millivolt controls require no electrical feed.  There is also a 100% safety shut-off.


The stainless-steel construction makes these fryers perfect for outside and mobile caterers, who can use this kit without fear of invalidating the warranty, or incurring rust and weathering issues.


Heavy-Duty Ranges


The heavy-duty ranges now being supplied by Euro-Catering, come in choices of 4, 5, 6 or 10-burner ranges.

In each range, the 9kw, high-powered open burners are double-crown, with inner and outer burner flames generating 32,000 BTUs within a heavy-gauge, welded and highly durable construction.  The burners have a variable flame setting and the customer can adjust the height of the low-simmer flame to suit their requirements.  There is also a full-width durable drip-tray for ease of cleaning.


The 4-burner range is a slimline model suiting those with restricted space, or a smaller menu.


The 6-burner range can also come with an optional stainless-steel convection oven, lined with black porcelain and with piezo ignition, thermostatic control and a deflector plate that distributes heat around the oven and not just to the oven floor.


Additionally, there are ranges with in-built raised griddle plates, in different size options from 18 inches up, with broiler underneath and either a single or double oven, dependent on whether the caterer wants two burners on the accompanying range, or more. This combination of burners, oven and griddle is the perfect choice for caterers working in a compact kitchen with tight footprint.


Restaurants with a high demand for griddled food can also benefit from a 10-burner range with 60-inch raised griddle and double oven.


Heavy-duty stand-alone gas griddles with grill are another option for steak houses and restaurants operating extensive grill-based menus and there is also a heavy-duty steak house grill, for those specialising in this type of cuisine.  Euro Catering’s ‘American Range’ also includes gas boiling tops and a stock pot.


Euro Catering’s Sales Director, Justin Towns, says: “We are delighted to welcome American Range to the UK and to have such a high-performing range at our disposal.  Distributors are already showing a keen appetite to sell this range of fryers, ranges and griddles, and we feel the range will be very well received by those wanting to serve grills with fries and some healthier eating options besides.”


More information can be found at enquiries can be taken on 01455 559969.