Nice and Isar Does It for Mel and Tim!

Eurocatering is a catering equipment supplier with a raft of European and American brands at its fingertips and it is always a pleasure to meet up with some of these suppliers.  For this reason, its owners, Tim and Mel Charlton, were delighted to accept an invitation supplier Palux, to sample one of the pleasures of life around Munich – rafting down the River Isar.

Tim and Mel were the guests of Torsten Hehner, Head of International Sales and Marketing at Palux, renowned German manufacturers of high-performance cooking lines.


Palux wanted to thank its key worldwide importers and dealers for their hard work and commitment to its high-quality equipment, so invited Mel and Tim to travel to Munich, for a day out like no other.

The Bavarian countryside adventure started at Wolfratshausen near Munich, where an ethnic log raft cast off to the traditional cry of “O/zapft” (barrel is breached).


What followed was huge fun, with the self-propelled raft sliding down the river log-flume style, with lots of splashing and some significant drops in altitude at times.  Those travelling on-board enjoyed Bavarian music and authentic culture and colour from some passengers dressed in lederhosen and dirndl.  There was much beer, wurstel and good company as well, as Tim and Mel experienced the art of rafting, which has a long tradition on the River Isar.

The day culminated with more tankards being chinked in a Munich bier garten, where the Charltons spent some time chatting further to other Palux distributors who had travelled from Romania and Poland.


Mel Charlton says: “We had a brilliant Bavarian day out, getting to know some of our counterparts in other countries and enjoying the company of our supplier.  It was certainly memorable and great fun too.”

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