10 Reasons To Buy an Ubert Rotisserie

Roasted chicken can generate great food sales for a food business, but what are the top 10 reasons for choosing a superb Ubert  rotisserie?  Read on, to find out:

1.Ubert have been leading pioneers in the rotisserie industry since its foundation in 1965.

They have, from that date, poured resources into research, development and production, to ensure they manufacture the best rotisseries. If anyone knows about rotisseries, it’s Ubert

2.The presentation is incredibly mouth-watering.

Ubert uses convex glass doors paired with black enamel metal finishes, to provide fantastic food presentation that is sure to grab attention. This is perfect for food retailers such as supermarkets, but also restaurants, garage forecourts and small convenience stores, as the revolving equipment acts as its own enticing advertisement!  UBERT TOPLINE RT403S PASS THRU “HOT AIR” ELECTRIC ROTISSERIE – 3 SPITS

3. Ubert’s rotisserie models come with pass-through door functionality either side.

(UBERT TOPLINE RT406, PASS THRU “HOT AIR” ELECTRIC ROTISSERIE – 6 SPITS)  This provides the operator with faster loading/unloading time and helps to prevent cross-contamination of raw and uncooked products.

4. The rotisseries are easy to clean.

Ubert have designed all of their rotisseries with easily removable parts such as grease trays, disc, rotor assembly, drip-trays and spits that require no tools when it comes to taking them out. You needn’t worry about that dreaded grease at the end of the day as Ubert has done much of the job for you.  You can also choose a self-wash option! UBERT CONVEX RT616 16 SPIT ROTISSERIE WITH SELF WASH SYSTEM – PASS THRU’

5. Ubert understands the importance of a high production output.

Especially in busy retail environments such as supermarkets. That’s why they have maximised the loading capability, to allow the retailer to keep up with demand.

6. All Ubert rotisseries come with the latest grilling technologies,

These Include convected heat and quartz grilling lights that produce the juiciest of chickens with the crispiest outsides. That’s the perfect combination for a delicious bit of poultry.

7. Ubert have designed all their rotisseries with easy-to-use functions.

These functions include programmable digital computer controls with 3 phases of cooking in each programme. So just load up those chickens and let it roast away!

8. For those concerned about making space for rotisserie equipment.

Ubert’s single stacked models are the perfect solution. These are ideal units for countertops and so no extra space is required.

9. Ubert models have a very tasty feature called the ‘grilling booster’.

With a press of a button, this allows you to increase the grilling time to provide the product with a delightful dark brown finish, while retaining its internal moisture.

10. All of the convex models are fitted with a core probe supplied as standard.

These means that your product is cooked at the perfect selected temperature and a delicious result is ensured, once the chicken hits the plate.

Ubert’s products are manufactured in modern factories located in Germany and produce equipment that is known worldwide for its top-notch performance. Ubert’s name is always synonymous with high quality, so if you wish to view the options available to you, in the Ubert rotisserie range, click here