10 Reasons to Buy Sagi Refrigeration Equipment

Euro-catering is proud to have added Sagi refrigeration equipment to its portfolio of products, with a full range of freezers, fridges, retarder provers, blast chillers and more.   But what are the top 10 reasons to buy it? Just read on:


1. Sagi has been synonymous with professional high-performance refrigeration in Italy and abroad since 1980. With over 38 years of experience in designing and manufacturing, there is plenty of expertise to fuel innovation. https://www.sagispa.it/en/contents/7/company-sagi


2. Sagi’s manufacturing quality is second to none. All Sagi refrigeration and bakery refrigeration equipment is built in high-grade 304 stainless steel on the interior and exterior. This guarantees that they are ready to withstand heavy everyday use in the busiest of kitchens.  https://www.euro-catering.co.uk/products/bakery-equipment/bakery-refrigeration-equipment/-sagi-kfsd1n-20-tray-bakery-refrigerator/


3. Sagi equipment is environmentally friendly. The manufacturer provides innovative solutions that combine high performance with reduced energy consumption, so that their equipment leaves less of a carbon footprint, without losing any of their powerful refrigeration capacities.


4. Sagi offers a near limitless portfolio of products, from appliances for the restaurant sector to refrigeration solutions for the ice-cream-making sector, pizzerias, bakeries and confectioners. Whatever your culinary corner, high-quality refrigeration equipment from Sagi is available.


5. Cleaning is made easy. When designing products Sagi ensure that ease of cleaning is incorporated into the design, to help keep hygiene at the highest standard.Cleaning is made less of a chore thanks to radiused internal corners, wash out drains and hinged panels. Additionally, moulded tray-slides form part of the oven’s interior and make for easy cleaning and adjustment of shelf height.  With no separate tray-slide, there are fewer parts – always an advantage.


6. All of Sagi’s products are manufactured at the Angelo Po Grandi Cucine S.p.A. con socio unico plant in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, where manufacturing quality is the brand’s watchword and from where it supplies customers in 75 countries worldwide.


7. Refrigeration accuracy is essential and that’s what Sagi deliver. All of their refrigerators are installed with core temperature probes, which automatically sense the desired temperature, to ensure your culinary goods have the perfect refrigeration environment.


8. They are designed to be easy to use. Sagi uses electronic controls with segment displays, timers, and quick access keys for favourite recipes, to provide you with kitchen convenience.  https://www.euro-catering.co.uk/products/bakery-equipment/bakery-refrigeration-equipment/sagi-kafri-roll-in-retarder-prover-/


9. Many products, such as their bakery refrigerators, come with special features such as hyper cooling, automatic defrosting and humidity regulators, to provide even more cold storage capabilities. https://www.euro-catering.co.uk/products/bakery-equipment/bakery-refrigeration-equipment/-sagi-kfsd1n-20-tray-bakery-refrigerator/


10. Sagi understands that a chef’s food and produce is not to be tampered with until it is served, so all of their products are fitted with locking systems to keep your culinary goods safe.


If you now see there’s a key benefit to you from buying a Sagi refrigeration model, check out the options here https://www.euro-catering.co.uk/search/index?keyword=sagi&search=