Sagi Refrigeration Equipment Arrives!

The team at Euro Catering, has made space in our impressive Daventry-based Culinary Centre for high-quality and professional Sagi refrigeration equipment that is super-energy-efficient, easy-to-clean and bakery and hospitality sector friendly.

Inspired by the in-depth refrigeration experience of our new Distributor Sales Manager, Jon Davies, we have introduced benefit-filled Sagi refrigeration equipment to our unique something-for-all-distributors, exhibition-style display hall and product catalogue.

Sagi is an Italian company with 38 years’ experience and an export market covering 75 countries.  We have over 30 different models of Sagi refrigeration equipment available, giving dealers lots of options. The range comprises upright bakery refrigerators and freezers, a roll-in refrigerator, retarder provers (static, roll-in and fridge and freezer models), blast chillers/freezers including roll-in option, and refrigerated bakery counters and freezer counters including slimline models.

With a particular focus on the needs of in-store and small independent bakeries, plus hotels and restaurants, the Sagi equipment offers many advantages.  All is manufactured in food-grade 304 stainless steel and has heavy-duty Climate Class 5 rating – tested to +43°C ambient. This makes it perfect for kitchens in a humid and high-ambient environment in which a Class 4-rated fridge or freezer might struggle to cope.

Press-formed sides with integral shelf supports, doing away with separate trayslides that have to be fitted manually, make the range an industry leader, providing the huge advantage of a clip-and-runner-free shelf set-up.  The bakery range of retarder provers, fridges and freezers take the Euronorm-sized trays that allow bakers to cook a greater number of smaller-sized items such as croissants and rolls in one batch.

Other fridges, freezers and counters, other than slimline counters, take Gastronorm trays, supplied as standard.  A Sagi remote pass-through roll-in blastchiller/freezer, for large-volume operations, can take both Euronorm and Gastronorm trays, complementing and working with large bakery and combi ovens, as well as large cooking vessels.

Most of the Sagi models have a Class A energy-efficiency rating, and some offer intelligent defrost only when required, which includes an automatic re-evaporation of condensate.    Models with self-close doors, help reduce energy costs further.  Other attractive features across the range include electronic controls with a hyper-cold setting, for very quick chilling.

The range also boasts labour-cost reduction features, including easy-to-clean radiused internal corners, drain-holes for wash-through and remote switch-on of retarder provers. Downtime is also reduced, due to a side-mounted refrigeration system which can be pulled out on a runner for maintenance.  This design also maximises the unit’s internal capacity. For added peace of mind, Sagi refrigeration units’ compressors come with a 5-year warranty.

Humidity on Sagi retarder-prover models can be precisely controlled and some models have HACCP alarm-signals, should temperatures fluctuate beyond acceptable limits.  There is an option to add data printers to the blaster chiller/freezers, for HACCP reporting purposes.

The Sagi range sits perfectly alongside other Euro Catering equipment – the Tecnoinox and Palux cooking suite solutions and the Debag bakery and deck ovens which Euro Catering introduced earlier in the year.  This makes Euro Catering perfectly placed to serve the needs of independent and in-store bakeries and convenience stores, as well as hotels and restaurants.

Euro Catering’s Tim Charlton says: “We are delighted to add the impressive and robust Sagi refrigeration range to our product portfolio and can see great opportunities for our dealers in the months ahead.  Sagi understands the needs of the sectors we are focused on and has poured its expertise into products that are sturdy, have a functional design and are high-quality. Add to this their energy credentials and they offer everything the specialist or in-store baker, or hospitality sector chef could wish for.”

More information is available by visiting  or by calling 01455 559969.