UBERT offers new non-stick-coating for rotisserie accessories

As we all know, cleanliness is imperative in the kitchen. Keeping your equipment in great condition not only makes for the best food quality, it also improves the longevity of the appliance.

UBERT want to ensure their products are kept in the best condition! They also want to make the maintenance as easy as possible for their customers. This is why UBERT now offers the innovative multi-layer non-stick coating, “Ultra-Clean”. Available for double spits and wired baskets of the CONVEX and TopLine rotisseries. This means fats and other deposits do not stick to the accessories, and they can be removed easily. Especially for the grill baskets, which require more cleaning than the double spits. This new Ultra-Clean coating makes the work much easier.

You can view the full range of Ubert products on our website – https://www.euro-catering.co.uk/shop/brands/ubert