Giorik – Revolutionising grilling as we know it…

The Hot Topic

Energy consumption in the catering and hospitality industry has always been high. In fact, research has found that kitchens can use up to 10 times the amount of energy used by an average commercial building. Kitchens are unfortunately still wasting huge amounts of energy every day, and increasing energy efficiency is becoming more of a priority for many restaurant owners and hospitality venues. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, becoming more energy efficient can help your restaurant reduce its energy bills. Giorik understand this, they believe in this and they set out to make a change.

The Pioneers

Giorik pioneered the quicktherm salamander with fast heat-up infra-red elements. The Giorik ST Hi-Lite grills are the latest revolutionary grills to be produced by this cutting-edge company. Their next-gen grills (the ST30 and the ST40) come complete with reinforced touchscreen panels and 8-second heat-up time from cold. With speeds like that, they are easily the Lamborghini of the grill game!

Giorik ST30 “Hi Touch” electric salamander grill

The Revolutionary part

The list of benefits to these extraordinary appliances make for quite the extensive list! We have highlighted some of the top features for you below…

  • Up to 79% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional electric grills
  • Highly intuitive – Responding to the touch of a dish on the back bar of the grill. Switching on when placed inside, and then switching off once the dish is removed
  • Internal electric probe – Steps in during the maximum heat mode ensuring cooking uniformity, whilst preventing over-heating
  • Pre-set recipe uploads – Freeing up time time in the kitchen which might otherwise have been spent on constantly watching the dish
  • Operational in “Cook Mode” or “Hold Mode” – Hold mode allows for food to be served up quickly thanks to 8 holding settings between 40°c and 70°c
  • Grill head can be drawn down as low as 25mm from the pan base – Allowing for quicker & intense grilling, free from flare-ups

The Future

A phrase we all here a lot is “Work smarter, not harder”. The evolution of catering equipment is certainly following that mantra. The innovation that is happening is creating better working environment for chefs, increasing team happiness and retention. Energy efficiency reduces running costs for businesses, lowers carbon emissions and shows the public that a company is environmentally aware. Giorik certainly have their finger on the pulse of this.

We at Euro Catering are proud to exclusively import Giorik to the UK.

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