Euro Catering Offers Dealers Fryers That Won’t Chicken Out

Tender fried food, energy efficiency and a reduction in food waste are just three of the selling points of the BKI pressure fryers from catering equipment supplier, Euro Catering, with these benefits already catching the eye of dealers working with quick serve restaurants, chicken diners, themed eateries and contract caterers.


Controlled low-pressure frying is the secret behind the quality of fried food produced by the fryers, whilst an increase in holding capacity of 30 per cent means more prepared food can be served rather than being binned.


Everything about the robust and high-quality stainless steel fryers is swift, with a pre-heat time of just eight minutes, a one-minute oil recovery time after each batch of cooking and a two-minute automatic filtration and rinse.  The latter increases oil life by 50 per cent and guarantees fine-tasting fried food.


BKI have been experts in frying for over 50 years and are suppliers to Stateside fast food chains including Popeye’s and Chicken Fil-A.  Given this expertise, their fryers’ high-performance is no surprise.


Their pressure fryers are available as gas, electric of LPG-fuelled pieces of kit and the controls can be manual or computerised. Up to 8 menus can be programmed in, with up to five cooking steps in each one.


Even the standard 23-litre model holds 14lbs (6.2kg) of chicken – around 4 whole chickens.  Move up to the electric-only 34-litre model and you will be able to increase this to 22lbs (8.2kg).


A cold zone collects waste materials from breading, to extend the oil life, and the pressure is regulated by a lid with integral interlocking system.  There is also the option of a tiered basket.


Euro Catering’s sales director, Justin Towns, says: “Fried chicken is riding a wave of popularity right now and these fryers have passed the test of chicken-centric takeaways and eateries across the USA, who buy BKI because of the tender food the fryers produce and the fact that the equipment optimises energy usage and cuts food waste.  They handle the pressures of constant demand brilliantly and don’t let caterers down.”


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