Introducing the latest in Speed Oven Technology…

Our exclusive partnership with Giorik allows us to be the first to bring you their latest innovative equipment release – The Giorik PoP!

Crunchy outside
Warm to the core

The new Giorik PoP enables the user to prepare paninis, club sandwiches, toasties, pizzas, wraps, Croque Madame and Monsieur (up to 4 pieces per cycle),  in less than 2.5 minutes. The controlled steam function, combined with “air impingement technology” (patent pending) allows the user to cook, heat and regenerate fast food in record time with excellent results. Inside the product reaches the ideal temperature of 65 °C, while the outside remains crisp and crunchy, avoiding the  “rubber – like finish” of microwaves.

The best combination between
speed and quality

Fast, efficient and very easy to use. PoP was created to fulfil specific needs of pubs, bars, wine bars, bistros, who want to provide a large amount of quality food, in a short space of time. PoP may also be used to warm or regenerate other kinds of food such as lasagne, steamed vegetables, hamburger’s, cheeseburgers, vegetarian burgers or French fries for example.

Just plug & cook

Thanks to its built-in water tank, PoP can be placed anywhere, as it does not need to be connected to the water mains. It just needs an electrical socket to plug into!

The 3 litre capacity water tank allows on average 400 cooking cycles depending on the recipe. The energy cost of each cooked item is extremely low, thanks to high efficiency thermal insulation of the cooking cavity. The use of bottle water  prevents the formation of limestone inside the water pipes.

Rapid oven

Thanks to the presence of humidity, PoP can cook or heat in an average time of 2.30 mins! By combining convection cooking with the introduction of a small amount of humidity into the chamber, this rapid oven guarantees crunchiness and caramelisation of the products.

Easy to use

PoP is extremely easy to use. Its 7” touch screen display allows the user to choose from pre-set recipes or create new ones and store them. The 2/3 GN non stick tray, allows the user to place food directly on the tray, avoiding the use of any parchment paper. The tray as well as any other internal components are removable for easy cleaning.

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