Celebrity Chef chooses Italforni to make Picture Perfect Pizza, with the help of HK Projects & Euro Catering.

Pizza – One of the worlds most loved foods!

Fully customisable, with countless variations to choose from. Pair that with being adaptable to most allergies & dietary requirements, the versatility of Pizza no doubt lends to its popularity. We all have a favourite… From the true Italian Classic: Neapolitan, to the Chicago Deep Dish. A Calzone, to a Stromboli. Meat Feast, Veggie or Vegan, there is something for everyone!

Taking all the above into account, it really is no wonder why a world famous celebrity chef is expanding their empire with Pizza. Opening their latest well loved and highly praised Pizza Restaurant in Liverpool. What makes this site so special you ask? Well, the Liverpool venue has been kitted out with the Italforni LSB-3 Triple Deck Pizza Ovens . Hailing from Pesaro Italy, and with over 40 years experience, Italforni are a market leader when it comes to the world of Pizza ovens. They stand by these 4 values – Innovation | Sustainability | Efficiency | Reliability

We caught up with Matt Connell, Design Director at HK Projects, to ask a few questions about this project –  “We chose the Italforni LSB-3 as it was on a really good lead time which suited the fast turnaround the client required. It was also available with a self-venting hood which meant no extraction was required. The requirements were the client needed it to be easily dismantled so it could be taken up a narrow staircase, self-venting, and available at a short lead time. Service from Euro Catering was great, supporting not only with the product but with the delivery and haulage too. Looking forward, we’re planning to specify the same unit into future sites within the roll out.”

Euro Catering have been proudly representing Italforni for over 20 years, and we are the only UK importer of this trailblazing brand. You can view the full range of Italforni products over on our website – https://www.euro-catering.co.uk/shop/brands/italforni

If you have any questions about this project, or would like to know more about Italforni, please feel free to contact us – Call: 01455 559969 | Email: [email protected]