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Firex have been manufacturing food processing equipment for over 40 years.  All of their equipment is designed and manufactured in Northern Italy

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They are acknowledged leaders in food production and processing equipment offering small pans from 30 litres more suited to restaurants up to large 500 litre pans for food production facilities or central production units.

Their range includes Automatic Pasta cookers,  Pasteurizers for making jam or preserves.  Bratt pans for cooking meat and vegetables as well as Boiling Pans and Automatic pans for sous vide or pressure cooking

Pans with removable inbuilt stirrer with variable speed help to reduce labour costs,  reduce waste and guarantee product quality, thus increasing productivity.

Firex also manufacture a range of vegetable washers ideally suited to smaller food producers, farm shops, large hotels etc.

Firex equipment is used trusted and used throughout the world, you can test their equipment at our Showroom in Daventry, or speak to our Development Chef Darren or Firex specialist Franco Sparano to find the best equipment for your particular project.