Top-Notch Debag Bakery Ovens Arrive in the UK

Specialist catering equipment supplier, Euro Catering, has introduced heavy-duty Debag bakery deck and electric convection ovens to the UK to bring bakers the advantages of professional but easy-to-use ovens already adopted for use in well-known in-house bakery operations across Europe.


Bakers, from artisans to those working in retail and convenience store environments, casual dining restaurants and pizza takeaways, are being urged to upgrade their wares by bagging a Debag.


Debag is a top German brand with 100 years’ experience in delivering the best equipment for bakers’ needs.  Its pioneering and innovative equipment continuously focuses on the future of baking, not just the present.


Debag ovens maximise the use of the baking surface, deliver the best possible use of energy, create perfect internal chamber baking conditions and minimise issues such as operator error, inconsistency across multi-site operations and oven downtime.

“This is a brand used by both Aldi and Lidl’s bakery divisions across Europe and placed front of house, because of the stylish design credentials that accompany the technical prowess of each oven,” says Euro Catering’s sales director, Justin Towns. “Whether bakers wish to bake breads in the traditional way, by conducted heat on a stone slab, or create a variety of baked goods in a convection rack oven, we have cutting-edge solutions within the new Debag range.”


Euro Catering has three heavy-duty Debag ovens available: the Debag Helios 4060 electric bakery deck oven; the Debag Dila 5 5 rack electric convection oven and the Debag Dila 10+5 stacked electric convection ovens.  Together these address all needs within the bake-off and artisan bakery sectors.

All Debag ovens are stackable and the end-user can choose to combine a bakery deck oven with an electric convection oven, to offer a wider menu than solely bake-off or artisan baked items.


The ovens’ energy-efficiency credentials are impressive in comparison with other brands’ ovens and the optional wash system minimises water use and utilises a bio-degradable cleaning agent lasting for up to 40 washes. Manual or programmable controls are available, according to how hi-tech the baker wishes to be.


Justin Towns says: “Introducing the Debag range to the UK is an exciting development for us and having access to the range should be an enticing proposition for UK bakers.”


More information about the Debag range is at and questions can be handled by the sales team on 01455 559969.


Notes to Editors


More details about the new Debag ovens now available in the UK are as follows:


Debag Helios 4060 Electric Bakery Deck Oven


The Debag Helios electric bakery deck oven is the ideal oven for the craft baker wishing to utilise a stone slab as the oven floor, to facilitate the traditional rustic baking of bread and other bakery products using conducted heat. The ovens also come with an all-important internal steam generator as standard, allowing the baker to influence how each individual baked item is nurtured within the oven.


Uniform radiated heat is dispersed throughout the chamber and a strong oven draught ensures no drying out of the baking foods and dough.  The electric oven has individual controls for top and bottom of the chamber, allowing for a precise baking of the dough products that cannot be achieved with a gas oven.  The Helios 4060 also has an inward-opening glass door, to ensure there are no obstacles in the professional baker’s work area.


These ovens can be stacked up to five high and can be supplied with a choice of internal oven heights (160mm or 200mm). An in-built extraction canopy is also available for customers wishing to use them front of house, taking advantage of the Helios 4060’s elegant look, which can come in either stainless steel, or a nostalgic black finish.


The electric bakery deck oven is supplied with either the standard analogue/manual controls or optional electronic programmable controls and networking via FilialNet.  It can be purchased with either an open stand with tray supports, or a proofing base, and can be stacked, if desired, with a Dila convection oven.


Debag Dila 5 5 Rack Electric Convection Oven


This brushed stainless steel, 5-tray heavy-duty convection oven, with its compact footprint and energy-friendly features, is a perfect option for food retail environments serving a variety of bake-off goods or pastries that need to be consistently baked thanks to even heat distribution throughout the oven.


Different racks can cook a variety of products at different temperatures, whether that is meringues, rolls, pies, or something else.


Heat-up times for this oven are short and cleaning is easy.  It’s simple to operate and quick to load and can bake with two-speed radial fan and highly efficient steaming. The use of steam can add a great shine to rolls, as well as allowing bread to fully expand whilst being baked.


The Dila oven has a variable humidity setting control, to make the most of the steaming facility, whilst its fan’s automatic reverser ensures even cooking results thanks to regular changes in the hot air flow – the means through which heat is transferred in this type of oven.


The oven’s door helpfully opens automatically when the cooking cycle ends and a soft-close door mechanism perfectly seals the baking chamber.


Its advanced artificial intelligence Smartbake functionality utilises the latest sensor technology to automatically adjust the oven’s power, depending on how many of the five 400 x 600mm bakery trays are loaded. This saves on energy consumption – a mission also assisted by LED lighting.  Heat loss is meanwhile minimised by the oven’s triple-pane smoked-finish glass door, which also provides extensive product viewing, whilst the goods are in the oven.


This oven can be stacked two high and networked, via FilialNet, for online programming, operational analysis and remote fault diagnosis.  An integrated extraction canopy with steam condenser is another option to consider.


Whilst the oven is easy to clean, with an inner door panel that opens and a stainless steel mirror finish inside the oven, it can also come with an in-built and highly efficient and economical wash system.  The programme takes just 35 minutes, requires just 9 litres of water per wash and uses a biodegradable liquid cleaner.



Debag Helios 4060 + Dila Oven Combination


Combining the Debag Helios 4060 with one of the Debag Dila ovens gives an ideal bakery solution within a small footprint and is a great solution for bakery shops wanting the flexibility of convection cooking, as well as traditional deck cooking.


Various options apply when it comes to the combination and the stacking configuration. The customer could have a Debag Helios 4060 with a Dila 5 five-rack convection oven, or create a Helios and 10-rack convection oven combination, if they require more capacity for baked goods.