Eurocatering Launches Super-Slim ‘Perfect 10’ Gas Combi Oven

Catering equipment importer and supplier, Eurocatering, has launched a super-slim and cutting-edge gas combi oven from renowned Italian manufacturer Giorik, which is sure to get admiring glances thanks to being a ‘perfect 10’.


With its stunning 10-rack capacity, this svelte, multi-function oven is designed for kitchens where space is at a premium.  Measuring just 520mm in width, the Giorik Kompatto KT101G-W two-fan oven provides all the functionality of a professional oven, within a very small footprint.


The oven incorporates high-tech software that drives advanced functionality. All shelves have individual timers and advanced cooking functions are selected through an intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen control panel.


Precise chamber humidity control is guaranteed thanks to constant monitoring of the climactic conditions within the oven. Humidity can also be adjusted according to the food being cooked and Delta T cooking is facilitated. The oven heats up quickly and has a six-speed cooking fan.


This clever oven also enables the chef to control both the quality and quantity of steam used within the oven, enabling them to select the type of steam they want to generate – dry or humid –  to avoid oxidisation, soaking and burning of foods and ensure tenderness, or faster cooking where required.


The Giorik Kompatto produces steam much more quickly than other ovens and is both energy and water-efficient. It has industry-leading heat-up and recovery times that eliminate delays in service and avoid pointless energy waste.  Its sophisticated Steam Tuner also keeps water usage to a minimum.


It is ideal for use in smaller pub, restaurant and school kitchens thanks to its flexibility, whether the chef wishes to use convection cooking for burgers, pastries and bread products, utilise vapour to steam vegetables, rice or salmon steaks, or operate with steam and convection, to cook dishes such as hotdogs, chicken or eggs.  It can operate at temperatures as low as 50˚C, holding dishes, when it needs to, or warming sauces or other foods through.


Cleaning is easy and there is an automatic washing programme with a choice of three wash cycles – soft, normal and hard.  An internal boiler can be supplied as an additional option and the oven comes with 24-months parts and labour warranty.


Eurocatering’s owner, Tim Charlton, says: “Giorik has been known for manufacturing excellence for over 25 years, but the Giorik Kompatto takes functionality, within a very small footprint, to a whole new level.  The R&D team recognised the need of chefs with only small kitchens at their disposal and specifically set about creating an oven that would deliver everything these chefs require, if they wish to operate a full menu, with lots of choices and healthily cooked options, as well as classic favourites.


“With its 10-rack capacity, this slimline ‘perfect 10’ oven is also super-stylish, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen.”