Euro Catering Urges Trade To Love Arris In The Springtime

In BNF Healthy Eating Week, catering equipment supplier Euro Catering is giving chefs 10 good reasons to love Arris in the springtime and highlighting why losing weight could be bad for them, as it invites the trade to take a look at the latest super-grill.


The Northamptonshire and Leicestershire-based supplier, which has a vast portfolio of products to supply to distributors and end-users, has made its Italian Arris range a particular focus for this season, given that it is an ally for those following the healthy-eating agenda and also a huge asset for others who want fuel and food economies, but also want to improve their food offering.


Euro Catering’s Arris Overgrill is something to fall in love with even before you discover that Arris’s Grillvapor and Overgrill are the only grills that allow a chef to use a core temperature probe, which just happens to be heart-shaped!
Another 10 reasons to love it are:


  • With a grill top and bottom, it cuts cooking times in half, creating speedier service and reducing energy consumption.


  • Depending what you’re cooking, you could use just the top grill (ideal for au gratin dishes), both top and bottom grills, or just the bottom grill – the Arris Grillvapor. This has a water tray under the grill to generate steam that keeps food softer and more succulent.


  • This top quality Italian grill is as speedy in its sector as Sebastian Vettel is in a Ferrari, cooking up to eight 500g T-Bone steaks in 5 minutes – and that’s rare! It will also cook four 1.2kg chickens in 30 minutes and 15 fresh burgers in 2.5 minutes.


  • The Grillvapor bottom grill will ensure you cut your weight loss by 20 per cent – but worry not, as that’s just in the food you’re cooking. That means the customer gets more food on their plate and portions will look bigger and more appetising.


  • On average, the Grillvapor will cook food 20 per cent faster. This frees up staff time, enables you to potentially serve more customers per sitting and keeps hungry customers happy.


  • Using the Grillvapor element enables you to serve up healthier food, as it eliminates the use of seasoning oils and fats and the fat within the food will drip away from the food, into the water tray.


  • Not having to use fats and oils means you spend less on your weekly food order and the cooking process is less smoky.



  • The steaming element maximises and locks in the flavour of the food, which naturally tastes much better and has a more pleasing aroma.


  • You don’t have to turn food during cooking, if using both top and bottom grills, and you can adjust the height of the grill according to what you are cooking, whether this is spatchcock chicken or fish.


  • An intuitive control panel can independently regulate the temperature of the tom and bottom grills. The Arris Overgrill can also store nine different cooking programmes.


With these 10 reasons to love it, Euro Catering is convinced springtime will be a great period for its Arris sales.  Sales director, Justin Towns, says: “The healthy eating agenda won’t go away and the issue of high energy bills is one also likely to stay with us.  The Arris Overgrill addresses both of these trends superbly, just as you would expect of a product from a manufacturer that has been the catalyst for much grilling innovation over the years and one that has continually raised the bar in the grilling equipment category.


“Any eatery needing to see savings, without compromising the quality of the food it serves, should allow us to talk through the Arris range with them.”


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