Euro-Catering Launches Unique Fryer For UK Caterers

European and American catering equipment supplier, Euro Catering, has launched what could be the UK’s most relevant commercial gas fryer – the ANETS SLG50 – having worked with American manufacturer, ANETS, to create a fryer specifically suited to the demands of the UK chef and outdoor and event caterer.


The SLG50 is a powerhouse of a 20-litre, twin-basket gas fryer, with a small footprint that suits the typical amount of space available to caterers working in fast food outlets and takeaways, pubs, ethnic eateries and outdoor catering environments.  It is also the only known fryer available in the UK that has a five-year tank warranty, delivering a unique selling point to this high-performance fryer.


Measuring just 400mm in width and 700mm in depth, this 35kw three-burner fryer can turn out 80lbs of fries per hour – a key performance indicator that Euro Catering asked ANETS to achieve, within the small footprint.


Dealers wishing to maximise their fryer sales in 2017 should also note other key facts about this fryer.  The SLG50 has elliptical-shaped, tapered heat tubes.  This design increases the surface area for heat transfer purposes by 14 per cent and this speeds up the heat recovery time of the fryer. Fuel costs are reduced and the food does not soak up oil because of poor heat recovery after submersion.


This is a vital fact for any caterer wishing to offer perfectly crisp fried food and is particularly relevant to Asian caterers who are cooking a variety of different foods in their fryers.


But a propane model of this fryer will also be hugely popular with event and food wagon caterers, as it will ensure fast food turnaround and, thanks to its welded, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel fry tank, outdoor use will not invalidate the warranty.


Additionally, its fully lined door keeps the outer door at a cooler temperature, preventing chefs being burned when operating in confined spaces.  With these factors, plus the unique five-year warranty, the fryer offers peace of mind to those investing in its purchase.


When it comes to oil life and cleaning, the shape of the heat tubes prevents the accumulation of particles on the tubes, assisting with oil clarity.  Oil life is extended through in-built filtration, whilst an extra-large drain manifold makes the fryer faster to drain during oil changes, as well as harder to clog. Cleaning is easy thanks to the stainless steel finish and extra-smooth tank.


With easy electric ignition, and a standing pilot light that provides a ready flame, this piece of kit from Euro Catering should have end-user chefs and caterers, as well as catering equipment dealers, fired-up about frying.


Euro Catering’s director, Tim Charlton, says: “The ANETS SLG50 is a star product in our portfolio this year, having been especially designed to suit the UK market and being unique in the fact that it has a five-year tank warranty.  With this, its two-year warranty for other parts, a one-year labour warranty and many user-friendly features, we expect orders to go flying out of the door.


“It is fitting that ANETS – a pioneer of frying technology for decades, should launch this fryer in its 80th anniversary year, shaking up the market yet again, through state-of-the-art design and a five-year tank warranty that is simply unheard of in the catering world.”


More details can be found at or by calling 01455 559969.