Euro Catering Introduces Ice Maker For Cuban Temperatures!

Euro Catering’s dealers now have access to a range of ice makers that will keep on cubing for pub, bars, hotels, cafes and discos, even in Cuban temperatures!


Euro Catering is now supplying Brema ice machines – high capacity and low footprint modular cubing ice stars that remain unaffected, even if the thermometer reaches 43˚C in the hottest spot north of Havana!


The machines are super-efficient when it comes to water consumption and the smallest undercounter model – the CB184A – fits within a footprint of 355x470mm and is 595mm tall.  This cool little machine is red-hot when it comes to output, producing 25kg of ice in 24 hours.


Larger models have an in-built drain pump, which is a godsend where there is no floor drain.  The largest machine in the range is a true ice warrior, producing a whopping 98kg of ice in 24 hours.


The Brema ice machines create 1kg of ice from one litre of water and do not rack up water consumption during a flush cycle, unlike other ice maker models.  Additionally, thanks to continuous ice production, no heat is required during the harvest cycle.


Their sprayer-system technology creates a clear, hard 13g cube, perfect for use with mixers and whiskey on the rocks, or even chilled smoothies and very on-trend milk.

Whilst some ice makers have been a source of hygiene issues, the Brema machine makes cleaning a breeze.  They have an easy-to-remove spray bar and air filter and an easy-to-clean ABS plastic, rounded-edge storage bin. Having no flushing system avoids the hygiene issues of bacteria emanating from scale build-up.


For those needing an ice flaker, which can produce flaked ice for food displays, banquets and buffet bars, the Brema GB601A is just the job.  This produces flaked ice which is 80-82% dry and has a 66kg per 24-hour output.


Euro Catering’s sales director, Justin Towns, says: “We are already supplying this high-performance range of ice makers and flakers to dealers and specifiers working with a wide variety of catering establishments, from licensed trade venues, to hotels and supermarkets.  You really can’t beat a Brema cube, particularly when it’s produced with reduced impacts on water and heat consumption, compared to other machines.”


Dealers wanting to know more about this range can contact Euro Catering on 01455 559969, or email [email protected]