Euro Catering Got Foodex Fired-Up

As a specialist catering equipment supplier representing cutting-edge brands from Europe and the USA, we recently exhibited at Foodex 2018, to showcase some of the must-have options in our state-of-the-art Firex range.


Firex is renowned for creating advanced cooking solutions for the food industry, using over four decades of experience for the benefit of centralised cooking operations, small food companies, canteens, catering service providers and large restaurants and hotels.


This all-Italian brand utilises the finest raw materials, to produce highly automated equipment that is energy, time and resource-efficient and capable of withstanding the intense work schedules typically found in food production and bulk-cooking environments.


Its stainless-steel product-line features pans with capacities ranging from 30 litres to 500 litres. Cooking methods accommodated by the range are boiling, braising, pasteurisation, browning, shallow frying, steaming and pressure cooking and a choice of heating source is available with gas, electric and steam-energy Firex models.


“Firex is acknowledged as a leader in its sector,” says our Euro Catering sales director, Justin Towns.  “It is trusted the world over and admired for its focus on reducing waste, increasing productivity and guaranteeing the finest food product quality.  Firex delivers advanced cooking equipment with a high-tech core, which is also easy to use, empty and clean and furnished with excellent safety features.  It offers everything the food producer or contract or centralised kitchen caterer could want.”


Whilst interested caterers visited our stand  at Foodex, there is also an option to  test our Firex equipment at our brand-new Culinary Centre in Daventry, which we only opened in January 2018.


At this superb facility, where equipment is housed in an exhibition hall-style environment, potential buyers, or dealers, can use equipment of interest and work with our in-house Development Chef, Darren Massey, and our Firex specialist, Franco Sparano.


Such a user-focused session can quickly allow them to assess how Firex options could make their lives easier, or help their food production become more profitable and efficient.


With bratt pans, tilting kettles with integral stirrers, multi-cookers, low-pressure boiling pans, direct and indirect heat boiling pans, multi-cookers, pasta cookers, pasteurisers and vegetable washers available, there’s every reason to find out how Firex equipment could revolutionise your food production or catering operation.  All it takes is one phone call to get the ball rolling, so why not make that call?  Here’s more information to whet the appetite.


Firex Easybratt Bratt Pans: These versatile, bulk-cooking pans can braise, shallow-fry and boil and are available as gas and electric versions.


Firex Tilting Kettles (Direct and Indirect): Tilting kettles are ideal for those cooking large quantities of food.  Motorised tilting of the kettle allows for quick and safe emptying, whilst the option of using indirect heat, with the kettle being warmed by means of a water jacket, provides the caterer with a fabulous way of preparing more delicate foods such as custard.


Firex Cucimix/Cucimax: These high-temperature tilting kettles with inbuilt stirrer is a versatile, all-in-one multi-functional industrial sauce-maker that does not require constant overseeing.  The Cucimix is the smaller version, available as an electric model only, while the larger-capacity Cucimax is available as gas or electric and available with a high-pressure 0.5-bar option, as well as standard atmospheric.


This equipment is perfect for food such as Bolognese sauce, risotto, soups, stews, pasta, jams and marmalades, creams, mirepoix and stocks.  The stirrer rotates both ways, to ensure an even product mix, and programmable touchscreen controls allow the operator to upload recipes and ensure management of the different stages of cooking of each.  The Cucimix/ Cucimax also has an optional grid mixer and side scraper.


Firex Fixpan: This is a super-efficient boiler/pasteuriser and non-tilting vessel, available in both gas and electric versions, that can pasteurise both food and jars. Product fusion is increased and cooking times reduced by up to 25%. It is perfect for thick and thin soups, rice, pasta, sauces, broths, dairy products, coffee, tea and boiled vegetables.  Its option Cook & Chill feature enables food to be cooled inside the tank.


Firex Betterpan: This compact cooking bratt pan, available in both gas and electric models and with a high-pressure 0.5-bar option, as well as standard atmospheric, is a pressure cooker that offers multiple methods of cooking – braising, boiling, browning, shallow-frying and steaming. Electronic controls allow the end-user to programme various recipes for a piece of equipment that is perfect for omelettes, steamed fish, rice, chicken, spare ribs, escalopes, meatballs, meat sauces and steamed vegetables such as spinach.  The Betterpan reduces shrinkage and can speed up cooking times by 30-40%, whilst creating energy savings of up to 50% and water savings of up to 70%. It is fully automated, with user-friendly electronic controls, and offers timed cooking and automatic lifting of its basket.


Firex Vegetable Washer: This labour-saving device can also reduce energy and water costs, washing both fruit and vegetables thoroughly and effortlessly, removing dirt and depositing it on the bottom of the tank during an automated washing cycle.  Removable walls on a divided washing tank allow different types and quantities of food to be washed at the same time.